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Quilter's Quilting Quilts

A day in the life of an obsessed quilter

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Watched the news last night and can't believe what happened in Toronto. These storms are getting scarier and scarier and more frequent. After seeing the aftermath at the farm, I can well believe the mess left behind. I wonder how Marian made out with the girls?

Here is a picture of the tornado that hit my parents farm taken from across the river (about 14 miles - I think)

Here are a couple of other pictures from the aftermath.

This was a common theme - huge sheets of metal from the machine shop wrapped around trees,

Embedded in the hedge,

wrapped around guy wires......

or hanging from the trees. This last one was particularily eerie. The sound it made as the wind blew was pretty creepy!!!!

What to know why there was so much tin - well this is the shed before the storm - I think it is 40 by 80 or something like that.

(Dad's home made windmill (another hobby) in front - all that was destroyed as well)

The roof of the shop (just to the right above) (a building that was 24' by 36') was made of plywood. This is what is left of the roof.....

You can see by his hands the size of piece. This is one of the bigger ones. My impression of the tornado was that there would be a lot of noise from the wind. However that is not the case and most tornados are fairly silent. However my Dad said that all he heard was a ripping sound. That was the roof literally being ripped into millions of little pieces.

Not only did the roof get ripped apart, but every two by four or two by six or two by eight used in the construction of the building became deadly weapons and ended up looking like swords as the storm ripped it into pieces. 


Shoot - I thought I had another, but can't find it.

It flattened sections of trees as if a bulldozer had run over them.

While it literally bent, but did not break off others.

Uprooted a lot of trees - mostly the spruce trees which were about 30 - 40 feet tall

Best I have of the spruce trees - more about them later.

And others were snapped right off....as you saw in some of the pictures of tin.

Pretty sad. Can you tell I am a tree hugger????

The TV antennae is caput!!!  They still haven't got the new one up. But no damage to the roof of the house - hard to believe.

A 500 gallon gas tank - wedged between two trees.

The gas tank from the other side

Hard to believe - it was more or less swished  flat  and dropped about 250 M from where it was originally located.

You can see the hedge on the left and the gas tanks on the right. One tank was damaged as above and the other one was not damaged yet they were side by side. One went in one direction and the other went behind the house. Pretty weird.

This is some damage outside the yard

More tin!!!!

What's left of the metal granaries

Some of the neighbours junk cars that were moved into a slough. These were not damaged before they were picked up by the wind.

These vehicles had all been parked in a neat row up the hill. One vehicle remained untouched, the rest looked like they had been in a demolition derby and tossed in the water.

My Dad was lucky that none of his veicles were damaged in this way, but everyone of them suffered at least broken windows.

This tractor also lost part of its roof.

The saddest of all was the snow planes. My Dad got an interest in these two years ago and scoured the province for old snow planes so he could rebuild them. He spent a lot of time making parts, researching who owned the planes and he had just completely finished TWO of them. They would be ready for the winter rallies. All but one were completely smashed.

We picked up some bits and pieces but they will never be able to be used again.

I have to say that I was very impressed by my Dad's spirit. He isn't looking back, no regrets - let's just get it cleaned up and move on. Pretty impressive or he is a good actor. I guess I know where my half full mentality comes from!!!!

On that note - got to run. I see M has finally crawled from bed. I'll get into what we did on our vacation another day.