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Quilter's Quilting Quilts

A day in the life of an obsessed quilter

I'VE MOVED!!!!!!
Had it with LiveJournal and moved the blog to this site   - check it out. The old blogs will remain on LiveJournal and will just move forward from here.  


Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!


Zentangles - Take 2!!!!

OK - here we are back again. So yes - I was at the Fibre Arts Festival. Here are a couple of pictures.

I took this photo for Linda!!!   Look at the LONG SAUSAGE dogs. 

THAT DOES IT - I am finding a new host for this blog. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY UPSET. The picture thing has gone wacky AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Anyway the Fibre Arts Festival is on until April 17 at the Neilson Park Creative Centre. Sorry - I can't put the link in here either. 

I do NOT have time to waste on this. I will try again later, but honestly I've had it with LIVEJOURNAL. I'll keep you up to date if I get a new address. 

Have a great day!!!!



Wow - I am SO INSPIRED today and so much happened yesterday - I had about 10 titles for the post!!!!!!  I JUST LOVE DAYS like that. 

I got up. Yeah!!!!   And then frantically worked on the row robin quilt. I HAD to get it done because Carol was coming over. Got it done and it looked great. Sorry - can't show you in case the owner is lurking!  But it is gorgeous. Yes - you will have to wait until November before I can post the pictures. That row robin is quite the challenge and I am anxious to get the next one as it has to be done by Mother's Day and these rows are now getting big. The one I just finished is 40 inches squares. When I get the next one - it will be 48 inches square when I am done with it. 

Had a smidgen of quilting to get done on the basket quilt before I took it off so I could mark the rest of the borders and had to get some scrap fabric on the machine for later in the day. Got the quilting done and took the quilt off the machine. 

Cleared the tables in the studio and got them arranged for the class later in the afternoon. Then popped in the car and off to the Neilson Park Creative Centre in Etobicoke. The Fibre Arts Festival in on until April 17 and you should plan to attend. There is a mix of quilts, fibre art, rug hooking and weaving. Some VERY VERY beautiful pieces. Here is ONE of the quilts - to see the rest - well you have to go to see them. 

Oh dear - you may have to wait a long time - I just hope the site isn't being hacked again as I can get the picture loader to load!!!   How ironic is that. I will let the system sit for a few minutes and see what happens. 

Back - 1/2 hour later. OK - this is ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!  Still not able to load pictures. Rather than continue - I will try to finish this later tonight. 

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!